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Casper Network - Node #1 (Helsinki, Finland) - Mainnet
30 days ago
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Casper Network Object Storage #1 (Falkenstein, Germany) - Mainnet & Testnet Data
Aura Network
30 days ago
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originstake Apr 07 at 10:17pm +07

.@EggForceNFT x @OriginStake: #EasterEggHunt2023

It's Hunting time, everyone!

3 only - Super rare - @OriginStake LABELLED EGG

Grasp them by:
✅Follow both Twitters
✅Like, QT/RT
✅Cmt: Proof that you're staking >1794 CSPR with us
✅Mint Eggs from Apr 9th - 14th

originstake Apr 04 at 09:08pm +07

👋Hi Auraholics, welcome to @OriginStake's first weekly update for @AuraNetworkHQ .

We hope that our contribution can help you better understand Aura Network's development goals.

Thread below 👇

#originstake #validator #staking #auranetwork #aura #realyield $AURA


originstake Apr 04 at 09:41am +07

A significant step forward for #Hatchers 💪
LFG! 🚀

originstake Apr 03 at 11:16pm +07

✨Hey #CasperFam, @OriginStake are sending positive vibes for a great start to your week!

To bring everyone up to speed, here's a summary of @Casper_Network's latest updates from last week! 👀

Thread below 👇


#originstake #validator #staking #casper #caspernetwork #cspr…

originstake Apr 03 at 12:19pm +07

As mentioned in this post, the new delegation fee has been officially applied on our Casper Network node today.

We are committed to always being transparent with our customers in order to build strong and long-term relationships.

💙Thank you for choosing OriginStake, and…

originstake Mar 31 at 11:37pm +07

Get ready for AMA 🫡

originstake Mar 30 at 11:02pm +07

💙First of all, @OriginStake thanks our customers for always trusting and supporting us.

At OriginStake, we are always striving to provide the best possible experience for our users. That’s why we’re excited to announce some important upgrades that will deliver even greater…

originstake Mar 29 at 10:32am +07

🔥Welcome On Stage @AuraNetworkHQ

We're excited to join the community and thrilled to contribute to the growth of the $AURA ecosystem as The Genesis Validator.

👉Stake $AURA with us:

#OriginStake #AuraNetwork #staking #genesisvalidator #TheXstaxy…

originstake Mar 28 at 10:18pm +07

🎉🎉🎉 Congratulations to @casperdash_io on the new features that will enhance the user experience on the CasperDash wallet.

👉Download & explore the new features of the CasperDash wallet here:

🔥And don't miss out on our campaign to celebrating…

originstake Mar 28 at 06:09pm +07

📢At @OriginStake , we're always striving towards bigger goals and taking steps to make them a reality, so we're excited to officially announce the expansion of our network to MULTI-CHAIN.

For our users, there are plenty of benefits to look forward to.

☑️With each blockchain…