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Casper Network - Node #1 (Helsinki, Finland) - Mainnet
30 days ago
Casper Network Node #2 (Tokyo, Japan) - Mainnet Backup
Casper Network Node #3 (NAS Local, Vietnam) - Mainnet Local
Casper Network Object Storage #1 (Falkenstein, Germany) - Mainnet & Testnet Data
Aura Network
30 days ago
Twitter updates
originstake Mar 29 at 10:32am +07

🔥Welcome On Stage @AuraNetworkHQ

We're excited to join the community and thrilled to contribute to the growth of the $AURA ecosystem as The Genesis Validator.

👉Stake $AURA with us:

#OriginStake #AuraNetwork #staking #genesisvalidator #TheXstaxy…

originstake Mar 28 at 10:18pm +07

🎉🎉🎉 Congratulations to @casperdash_io on the new features that will enhance the user experience on the CasperDash wallet.

👉Download & explore the new features of the CasperDash wallet here:

🔥And don't miss out on our campaign to celebrating…

originstake Mar 28 at 06:09pm +07

📢At @OriginStake , we're always striving towards bigger goals and taking steps to make them a reality, so we're excited to officially announce the expansion of our network to MULTI-CHAIN.

For our users, there are plenty of benefits to look forward to.

☑️With each blockchain…

originstake Mar 27 at 11:00pm +07

🎉Hey #CasperFam, Wishing you a productive and successful start to the week!

Let’s take a moment to review the latest news and updates from @Casper_Network last week! 👀

Thread below 👇


#originstake #validator #staking #casper #caspernetwork #cspr #realyield $CSPR

originstake Mar 25 at 09:51pm +07

🎉Celebrating OriginStake 2.0 and New Features of CasperDash

🔥To mark an important milestone for OriginStake and the upcoming release of a new feature by @casperdash_io , we have collaborated together to launch a campaign for our community

🎁 5,000…

originstake Mar 25 at 09:06pm +07


originstake Mar 25 at 03:01pm +07

🎉Congratulations to @Casper_Network for winning the "Best Enterprise Blockchain" project award in Paris Blockchain Week Summit 2023. This is just the beginning for Casper Network 🫡

About @ParisBlockWeek
One of the most influential global events in the blockchain industry.…

originstake Mar 25 at 10:09am +07

🔥Let's explore OriginStake 2.0 through the 4K video below:

Origin, everything begins

originstake Mar 24 at 10:09pm +07


With the direction of constantly innovating and growing to bring better and better values to all customers and partners, OriginStake officially released a new brand identity that will better reflect the brand visions and values…

originstake Mar 20 at 11:03pm +07

✨Hey #CasperFam, Have a great Monday and a wonderful week ahead!

A quick summary of last week's @Casper_Network updates - let's take a look 👀

Thread below 👇


#originstake #validator #staking #casper #caspernetwork #cspr #realyield $CSPR